Dairy Queen Employees Calls Cops “Pigs,” Company Responds With 6 Perfect Words.

Dairy Queen in Hammond, Louisiana (left), police officers (right)
When the entitled employees at a Dairy Queen location in Hammond, Louisiana, saw a group of local police officers walk into the establishment to grab a meal, they responded in the vilest way. The employees began loudly insulting the hard-working cops, who were well within earshot, calling them disgusting names like “pigs” and “crooked.” If they thought they could get away with such disrespectful behavior, though, they were sorely mistaken.

Daily Queen has now issued a response to the workers who felt it appropriate to insult members of the local law enforcement community, and it is exactly what you want to hear.

Apparently two Tangipahoa Sheriff’s deputies inside had ordered dinner and paid for it. They were waiting on their dinner when cooks and other employees in the ice cream station began openly and loudly disrespecting them.

The DQ employees talked about how they hated “pigs” and how “all cops were crooked.” [Source: Blue Lives Matter]

Unfortunately for the Dairy Queen employees who decided to dish out insults along with the fast food, the police officers were not the only ones who heard them. Another diner in the ice cream shop that day witnessed the entire upsetting ordeal and did what any concerned citizen would do in 2017. He posted about it on Facebook.

While the restaurant did not elaborate on the situation, others on Facebook explained what reportedly happened. In one post, a man wrote he witnessed kitchen staff berating two sheriff’s deputies – calling them “pigs” and claiming that all officers are “crooked.” The deputies asked for their money back and left, the poster wrote, and explained the manager told employees to keep their comments to themselves.

The incident happened Saturday and by Monday morning, others had taken to the store’s Facebook to post their displeasure. [Source: WBRZ]

Without skipping a beat, Dairy Queen issued a public response via Facebook the same day, saying, “We are aware of the incident that took place this weekend in our Hammond store. The employees involved have been terminated. We take these types of incidents very seriously and appreciate our communities involvement.”

The company continued, “Our relationship with the Hammond community is of the utmost importance and we respect and support our HPD/TPSO officers,” adding, “We do not tolerate any derogatory behavior towards officers or any customer.”

The company’s decision to terminate these employees immediately proves that they do take such matters seriously, and they do genuinely care about the hard-working law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line each day in order to protect the community. In other words, they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Dairy Queen made the correct call in this situation, hands down, and hopefully, it taught a few disrespectful punks a lesson that they’ll have plenty of time to ponder while unemployed.

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WATCH: Drunk Transgender Bully Gets Brutal Lesson After Attacking Wrong Guy At Skate Shop

An entitled brat was in for a bit more than she bargained after attacking a group of patrons outside of a local skate shop. As it turns out, the Georgia individual had a little bit too much to drink when she lunged at the wrong guy — and that’s about the time she got a brutal lesson she’ll never forget.

The incident reportedly took place outside the Stratosphere skate shop in Five Points, a district in Atlanta, Georgia. According to reports, the person who identifies as a woman – as made clear by her “I’ve got a f*cking p*ssy” remark – was actually homeless and heavily intoxicated when it happened.

The video documenting the situation is a bunch of short clips put together to paint the bigger picture. As can be seen in the video shared to Live Leak, the transgender individual was harassing a group of people for reasons unknown, which prompted everyone to simply stand back and watch.

In a sinister tone, the verbal attacker could be heard threatening the crowd in several ways. Despite people telling her to go away and laughing at her, the lunatic could be clearly heard shouting things like “I’ll f*ck you up.”

Of course, someone had their camera out at the time which allowed for what happened next to be caught on video as well. Although he didn’t know what was happening at the time, an unsuspecting man had come to the skate store and was intent on going inside.
Unfortunately for him, he wouldn’t make it that far as he was confronted by the raving transgender person out front. From there, things got exponentially worse as the crazy lady then decided to lunge at the man prompting him to react.

Although he initially wasn’t quite sure what was going on at first, things took a turn as the unsuspecting victim was forced to defend himself. Without a second thought, the man reportedly threw the drunk transgender woman on the ground – but the worst was yet to come.

Making sure the threat was fully neutralized, he then gave the transsexual one heck of a curb stomp to make sure she wouldn’t mess with anyone again. As it turns out, the man got his point across and was able to leave unhindered.

As one would imagine, the left was quick to jump on the attack as “transphobic,” but that clearly wasn’t the case. The person who recorded the incident later explained to The GA Voice that this was merely a matter of self-defense.

In all, this video sums up exactly what is wrong with the liberal mentality. Not only do people like this feel “entitled” to act however they want, but when they get exactly what they deserve, they cry foul and act like a marginalized victim.

A word to the wise, you can’t threaten anyone and you do not have the right to make anyone feel that they’re being physically attacked. If you do, well, just be prepared to get what this transgender got when she was curb stomped into next week.

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[WATCH] Punk Disrespects Lady Cop, Not So Funny When Her Partner Shows Up..

Video of an interaction between police officers and a young punk is going viral after it was posted to social media. A man was disrespecting a smaller female police officer, but things didn’t exactly go according to plan for him when the woman’s partner showed up – and that’s right about when it stopped being funny.

The incident began when a police officer stopped a man for riding his bike on the sidewalk in Merced, California. Seeing how taxpayers are footing the bill for bike lanes in the road, it’s now illegal in quite a few places to do what this guy was doing.

After the female officer spotted the man on the sidewalk, she stopped him and demanded to see his ID – and this is where things start to go downhill. Seeing how the lady cop was smaller in stature, this apparently emboldened the punk to ignore her orders and even try to leave the scene.

After she grew tired of the thug disrespecting her and ignoring her orders, the officer took things to the next appropriate level. As previously noted, she was smaller in size and had a difficult time trying to apprehend the man, but things would soon change. Within a short time, backup arrived to help the woman. Just like that, another officer could be seen entering the frame, and he wasn’t about to put up with this guy’s crap.

“Do you hear her talking to you? Do you hear her talking to you?” the officer asked while putting his hands around the punk’s throat. At this point, things weren’t quite so funny anymore for the thug in question.

The man was eventually detained, but many are saying this entire situation could have been avoided entirely. Although this bicyclist thought he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he was actually breaking the law. However, as we’ve often heard, “ignorance isn’t an excuse.”

The reality of the situation here is that this guy would have more than likely gotten off with a warning if he was just polite and complied with police officer. If the cop was able to check and make sure this guy wasn’t wanted or anything, she probably would have let him on his way after informing him that bikes are not allowed on the sidewalk.

Instead, because of today’s society of entitled brats and whiners who think they can do whatever they want, this kid likely ended up receiving a charge for resisting police. The concept of ignoring a police order honestly baffles me. However, what gets to me even more is those that complain after they bring a police officer’s wrath down upon themselves by doing so.

Tip of the day – if you want your situation to go the best it can when dealing with police, be respectful and comply. If the cop did something wrong, you can always take them to court afterwards.

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Colorado Thug Brutally Assaults Cop, Didn’t See Who Was Around The Corner Until Too Late

Adams County Sheriff’s Department Cruiser, Gabriel Garcia (inset) (Photo Credit: Facebook/Adams County Sheriff’s Department)
A Colorado sheriff’s deputy was recently caught by surprise when the thug he was chasing disappeared behind a fence. As the officer jumped the fence to catch the bad guy, he was instantly met with a brutal assault, which would have been life-threatening except for one thing — the thug didn’t see who was coming around the corner until it was too late.

According to Blue Lives Matter, an Adams County Sheriff’s deputy was called to investigate a trespasser in Shaw Heights on Sunday, August 6, 2017, at approximately 1 a.m. As the deputy located a suspect and attempted to speak with him, the punk took off running. Thinking he would get away from the deputy who was now chasing him on foot, the thug disappeared behind a fence. The deputy jumped the fence in pursuit and was immediately attacked by the suspect, who police later identified as 25-year-old Gabriel Garcia.

Too bad for this punk, he never saw the deputy’s K-9 coming around the corner. Perhaps Garcia thought he could assault the deputy without dealing with the dog from his perceived safety behind the fence and latched gate, but he couldn’t have been more wrong.

According to the sheriff’s office, the deputy’s K-9 partner Lex simply reached up and unlatched the gate with his paw and immediately handled business. Within moments, Garcia tapped out and was cuffed due to the threat of Lex’s teeth and his healthy dislike for dirt bags.

Canine Lex (Photo Credit: Facebook/Adams County Sheriff’s Department)
Garcia was photographed for a mugshot (seen at the beginning of this article) wearing bandages that he reportedly needed around his neck after his run in with canine Lex, according to ABC Denver. That is a job well-done.

According to Adams County Sheriff’s Facebook page, canine Lex is a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, aka “a land shark or Maligator” in the law enforcement community. Lex has served with the Adams County Sheriff’s Department since February 2015 and is certified in narcotics and police patrol through the Colorado Police Canine Association and National Police Canine Association.

The deputy who was injured in the line of duty that day was taken to the hospital for treatment. Thanks to his tenacity and good work by his “land shark” Lex, his injuries were not life-threatening.

“Our deputies view canine Lex as a hero for saving the day. We appreciate everyone in the K-9 Unit and their hard work to keep us safe,” said Adams County Undersheriff Harold Lawson.

Thanks to the effective team work of the brave deputy and canine Lex, Garcia is now behind bars at Adams County Detention Facility. The District Attorney has charged Garcia with attempted first-degree murder and assault in the attack on the deputy. He is being held on a $500,000 bond until trial.

Many Facebook users commented with gratitude and praise on the Adams County Sheriff’s Department post. One of those respondents said it best when she wrote, “LEX is THAT intelligent, loyal, trusted, expertly trained True Friend, who respects, loves n protects his Master..That kind of devotion is a ‘pure bond’ for life, THAT can never be ‘bought’! May LEX and his Officer have many exceptional safe days ahead, GOD Bless them BOTH!!!”

I couldn’t agree more. Our prayers go out to the deputy and his family as he recuperates from his injuries. It is truly a blessing to have men like him serving in our law enforcement community.

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Men Traumatized After Walking Into Strange Scene At Wrong House

Two South Carolina men pulled up behind a house they assumed was vacant at the time and let themselves in, but they didn’t come out the same way they went in. They fled the home traumatized and looking different after they entered into the last scene they ever expected to find.

Crime Scene

Two South Carolina men pulled up behind a house they assumed was vacant at the time and let themselves in, but they didn’t come out the same way they went in. They fled the home traumatized and looking different after they entered into the last scene they ever expected to find.

Ira Bennett, 29, and Lamar Anthwan Brown, 31, probably thought they ran their southern town of Summerville. They rolled into a typically quiet neighborhood, picked out a house that seemed like a good place hang out in for a while, and tried to take what wasn’t theirs. That quickly proved to be a bad decision when they discovered that someone else was inside who had other things going on that isn’t typical for his age.

According to the Post and Courier, the two thugs pulled up behind the small home in their silver Chevy sedan. They got out and were making entry from a back door when to their horror, a 13-year-old boy was standing there with his mom’s handgun. The child had been told what to do to defend himself, and without hesitation, he fired multiple shots into the intruders, three of which hit Brown’s body, sending him and his friend running for their lives. But the boy had more in store for them.

The would-be robbers took off, but the unnamed teen was right behind them on foot, firing several more rounds out of his mother’s Colt .45 that she kept in the house for protection. Bennett was the driver of the gangster mobile and b-lined for the nearest hospital where he dumped his friend, before blazing off and trying not to be caught in the crime, WACH reported.

Ira Bennett (left), Lamar Anthwan Brown (right)

Neighbors who were home at the time of the invasion, called police when they heard gunshots, only to be stunned more that it was a young kid who pulled the trigger. A couple who had been sitting on their porch when the crime took place, seemed to blame the boy for shooting so much in self-defense. But his mom is proud of him for being brave enough to follow through.

“I tell my kids that if anything ever happens to call 911, but I also tell them to protect themselves if they have to,” the mom told the Courier. “I never would have dreamed that this would have been a part of our day today.”

The getaway car littered with bullet holes was easy to track down after witnesses and hospital surveillance caught the description. Bennett was arrested for his part in the crime, but Brown didn’t fare so well. Not long after arrival, he died from the bullet wounds given to him by a courageous little kid.

Perhaps if more people arm themselves to defend their homes and family and aren’t afraid to use it when intruders come knocking, there will be less crime perpetrated on innocent people. It’s a game of Russian roulette to pick the house that isn’t armed, one which many criminals might want to think twice about playing. Bravo to this boy and his mom who taught him to defend himself. He’s braver than most adults three times his age and is alive today because of it.

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Cop Stops For Upset Woman On Side Of Road, Had No Clue What He Was In For

Huntsville Police Officer Charles Draper was traveling down the road when he spotted a woman sitting in her car while curiously stopped along the shoulder. After seeing that she clearly looked upset, he pulled over to see how he could help, but he soon found himself involved in far more than he was expecting.

Johnni Chevonne Adams described her awful day on Facebook, explaining that the morning had gotten off to a really rough start. Seemingly everything that could go wrong did, ending with her stranded on the Parkway with her two children in tow. Both her son and daughter had different places they needed to be, as well as Johnni. The frustration of nothing going as planned came to a head, as she had no way of getting where she needed to go.

With tears in her eyes as she awaited the tow truck, Officer Draper pulled up behind her car and came to the anguished mom’s window. No sooner had she rolled it down for him, she found herself unloading the stresses of her morning to this suited stranger. That moment of raw emotion led to something Johnni will never forget.

Draper told the mother to get into his patrol car, then he buckled her kids in the back seat. For the next stretch of time, the cop acted as this stressed out mom’s personal chauffeur, easing her worries by running her son to daycare and daughter to school, on opposite ends of town. “Officer Draper helped me safely get my children into his car, drove my son to daycare (and gave him a stuffed animal!), drove my daughter to school, and got me to work on time!” Johnni wrote in her post of the situation, before describing something else special he did for her that really was the icing on the cake.

Johnni and her children with Officer Draper

“He made me laugh the entire time, really taking the edge off of the frustration I was feeling,” she added. With her post, she included an endearing photo of her kids in the patrol car with the cop, each with a beaming grin on their faces. “This guy is a class act. You can tell he truly loves to serve his community. I am so impressed. Thanks, Officer Draper! You rock!” the very appreciative mother concluded.

We have all had those days where nothing is going right, and truthfully, the last thing you want to see is a cop coming up behind you, assuming your day is about to take a turn for the worst. Draper proved that all officers really want to do is make it better, and they will go above and beyond for citizens in their communities, who they swore an oath to serve and protect.

Draper could have simply done the basics of what he needed to do, making sure that she was safe and that the tow truck got there. Nobody would have judged him for it either, but he did better than that, taking a load off her shoulders and driving Johnni’s family around because of his own thoughtfulness and sincere care for his community.

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Teen Startled By Groaning Noises In Her Garage, Finds Horrifying Scene

A Virginia girl was relaxing inside her home when she was startled by loud groaning noises coming from her garage. She slowly crept toward the door and peeked out to see what was going on. What she saw made her take off running.

Charlotte Heffelmire, 19, was inside her home in Vienna, Virgina with her grandmother and baby niece when the quiet of the afternoon was interrupted. The large garage door had been left open, but never did she expect to find what she did outside or just how prepared she was for it.

According to NBCWashington, Charlotte’s father, Eric Hefflemire, was working on his GMC truck at the home when the jack holding it up slipped, and the massive vehicle fell down on top of him. As soon as he was crushed by the car and realized he was still alive, he was overwhelmed by the smell of gasoline, which was made worse when it caught on fire. Knowing only his daughter, an aging woman, and a baby was inside the home, he didn’t know how or if he would get life-saving help.

To make matters more urgent, there was a row of propane cans nearby in the garage, which became balls of fire within seconds when the blaze billowed out from the truck. That’s when he heard the door from the house open up and saw Charlotte’s bare feet.

Without hesitation, the teen ran to her father’s rescue, and with superhuman strength, she managed to lift the big truck off her dad. But she wasn’t done there.

“I felt the weight shift, and I said, ‘You almost got it,’ and then it was just UGHHHHHHRRR, and suddenly, I’m pulled out,” Eric recalled of his daughter’s courageous move to the news station.

With the truck off her father, the alert 120-pound hero realized that the gas tank on the ride could explode and set the whole house on fire with her other family members still inside. She hopped into the truck and reversed it out into the street, before running back to the garage and spraying it down with the garden hose until firefighters could get there.

Charlotte kept everyone safe, despite suffering burns to her hands and feet, along with a back injury from lifting the truck, but she’s just happy everyone is alive, as she recovers at home as a hero to her family. She’s since been awarded for her incredible efforts, receiving a Citizen Lifesaving Award this past Thursday for the November 28 rescue.

The soft-spoken teen attended the U.S. Air Force Academy and can’t return after her back injury, but she is still dedicated to serving. “If I can’t do any of the military branches, then probably just intelligence or government work,” Charlotte said. “Right now, I’m just healing up and making sure the family is OK.”

This girl is the picture of an honorable human being, and it’s no surprise she wants to serve our country no matter what. She’s proven to be selfless and strong, and she is a credit to her generation of entitled counterparts.

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Mom Confused When Daughter Says To Stop The Car, But When She Sees Why She’s In Tears

Wouldn’t it be nice if, after having a baby, the hospital gave you an instruction manual on how to raise it? Unfortunately, that is not the case and, while parenting has many joys, it can also be full of struggles and self-doubts.

Every child is a guinea pig of sorts – parents are doing the best they can to raise their children well, but how do they know they are doing a good job?
One very proud mother recently got the confirmation that she’s at least doing something right when she picked up her 14-year-old daughter from school the other day.

As they were driving home, Tionae Thomas’s daughter suddenly told her to stop the car. At first, Tionae was confused, but then she noticed a young boy sitting beneath a tree in a shopping center parking lot.

“It’s too hot momma,” her daughter told her, “stop the car.”

As Tionae watched from the car, her daughter got out and asked the young boy where his parents were. He told her he didn’t know.

“Can you call them?” she asked.

He told her he only knew his dad’s number. She gave him her phone and stepped back so he wouldn’t be afraid. Then she told him to get off the street and stand in front of a nearby Rite Aid “so strangers won’t try to get him and he can run in the store if need be.”

As she got back in the car, she told Tionae, “Momma let’s wait until he gets picked up and I might have to get him some water if it’s not soon.”

At this point, Tionae was almost bursting with pride. Any self-doubts or worries about how her daughter was turning out came crashing down as she witnessed firsthand the young lady’s kindness, compassion, and love.

“This is why I will never let a person tear me down as a mother,” Tionae wrote later. “This is just confirmation of the kind of children I’m raising, Queens and kings.”

In just a few hours, Tionae’s story went viral. Tens of thousands of people have been touched by her sweet daughter’s actions.

“Parenting Win!” wrote Michelle Larsen. “I wish all kids had this compassion shown to them so they can pass it along to others. We teach our kids more by our actions then (sic)

by our words. I failed so many times raising my boys. Doing the best I could where I was at the time. Huge difference between who you are in your 20’s to who you are in your 50’s sometimes. I hope your daughter never loses that part of herself.”
“Wow!! I hope you never lose that compassion and empathy!” Sharon Denise Stone Redding encouraged the teen. “If more people cared for their fellow man like that, regardless of the color of their skin, or what they were wearing, and other trivial concerns, this world would be a much better place!”

We can’t help but agree!
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Mom Finds Baby Bloody In Bouncy Chair. Then She Sees Cable Guy Running In…

As parents, we wish we could always be by our children’s side – watching their every move, being there to kiss all their scrapes and bruises. The truth is, it’s impossible to keep your eyes on them every moment of every day.

But what would you do if you found your little one unresponsive? Tough to say. Ultimately, you’d jump in and save your baby’s life; but emotions can get in the way, especially when it comes to those we love.

Angela Sanders is the mother of five-month-old Dakota. One day, while in her apartment with her little guy, Angela walked into the room and noticed her son sitting in his bouncy chair, bleeding.

The horrified mother didn’t know what had happened and didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, she had an angel close by.

Cable technician Daniel Craft had just finished his work at the apartment complex and was in his truck ready to head to his next appointment when he heard a woman screaming from inside.

Craft hurried from his van, rushing to the unit where he heard the commotion. There he found baby Dakota unresponsive and not breathing. The cable technician called 911 and dove into action to save the little man’s life.

Dakota was cold to the touch and his skin was blue; but thanks to his military background, Craft knew what to do.

“I propped his head back, and he was still blue, so I thought there was something in his mouth, or he was choking,” Craft said. “I put my finger in and swept it through his mouth to clear his throat. As I pulled my finger out, I still had my ear down there, and I heard him starting to gurgle and his stomach just raised. He started breathing again.”

Craft communicated with the 911 operator until the paramedics arrived. Baby Dakota’s savior even visited his little patient in the hospital the next morning just to be sure all was well.

At the hospital, doctors discovered that Dakota had stopped breathing because of a ruptured hernia that brought on a seizure. Thankfully, he is expected to make a full recovery.

Everyone now refers to Craft as a hero.

“He is a hero. I am grateful he saved my baby,” Sanders said.

Before leaving the hospital with her little one, Sanders took a CPR course to prepare her if something similar ever happens to tiny Dakota again. Thankfully this time, though, Craft was close by and saved the baby’s life.

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Shocked Dolly Parton Fights Back After BLM Race-Baiter Tries To Shut Down ‘Dixie Stampede’

Aisha Harris, a Black Lives Matter “activist,” is out to ruin Dolly Parton, for good. The BLM thug has gone to extraordinary lengths to sabotage the country legend’s theme parks, saying that, as a “daughter of the old South,” Parton needs to be shut down. Parton is known as a good person who loves America, but that’s just the problem according to Ms. Harris — Dolly’s too “American.” But, the blonde bombshell is fighting back against the BLM, proving they’ve picked on the wrong “Southern Bell.”

Dolly Parton arrives for meeting at the Stampede Tennessee Dinner Show (left), Aisha Harris (right) (Photo credit: Screengrab/YouTube, Aisha Harris/Twitter)
Aisha Harris is a contributor to the hardcore liberal rag, Slate Magazine. From the looks of her social media accounts, she is also a hardcore Black Lives Matter activist who has lost her mind. Harris has been stewing, trying to figure out how to keep the race war going in America. After getting wind of a Dolly Parton Dinner Theatre Show called “Dixie Stampede,” which is a lighthearted take on the rivalry between the North and the South, Harris wrote an article, saying, “At Dolly Parton’s Civil War–themed dinner theater, there’s violence on many sides.”

Harris thought she had struck gold when she learned the dinner show has two sides and each guest picks to sit with the North or the South. Harris was hoping the Southern side would be a bunch of redneck white supremacists. When that didn’t happen, she was shocked to see African-Americans sitting with the South. The only thing she could find to prove Dolly is a racist, harboring white supremacist tendencies, was the placards to the restrooms. And, no, that’s not a joke.

The “Northerners” placard was of dark wood, while the “Southerners” was of light wood. Yep, Harris got Dolly there. Talk about ridiculous. Harris writes about the horrendous moment she discovered this blatant racism, recalling, “I did at least have time to run to the bathroom — a necessity after three and a half hours of sucking down lemonade by the bootful. This seemed like it could be a nice break, but when I got there, I stumbled upon this: ‘Southerners Only’ on a light-colored placard and ‘Northerners Only’ on a dark-colored placard. This was, at best, horrifyingly [and] tone-deaf.”
Let’s be clear here, folks. We all have seen the ruin of people thanks to BLM and their racist accusations. Our own president suffers daily at the hands of these radicals, so, yes, Aisha Harris’s article is a whistle call to the BLM to go after Dolly with a vengeance. What’s next? The burning of every “Gone With The Wind” book along with outlawing the Academy Award winning movie of the same name?

Thankfully, Dolly isn’t going down without a fight and the best evidence is the last act of Dixie Stampede, which is a salute to America. Dolly sums up, “We are all Americans,” and the finale has patriots wiping away tears. Even NBC featured this finale, in which the song “Color Me America” is featured, written by Parton right after 9/11. This song caused Aisha Harris to say the entertainment was too American.

“Dolly Parton is right about one thing: Dixie Stampede is as American as America gets,” Harris spews. Now, we get down to what the real problem is with “Dixie Stampede” and Dolly Parton for liberals like Harris; namely, they bring up patriotic emotions, and to the BLM, America is bad and not anything to be admired. This is the core of the beliefs of the BLM, Antifa, and all the rest of the hardcore leftist groups. They hate America, and they hate patriots.

Dolly Parton is a true patriot, and now, she is in the BLM’s crosshairs. Receiving an Academy of Country Music Award, she used the platform to fight back, rushing to her dinner theater and theme park’s defense, saying, “The best way you can help us now is to come back to the Smokies. We’re in business!”
The BLM has met their match. Dolly Parton isn’t going anywhere, and we’d love to see them try to riot at her theme parks down South. The BLM and Antifa thugs’ communistic purge of the South must be stopped; they are domestic terrorist groups, ginning up a bloody race war in America today, and they won’t quit until they drive our country to another Civil War.

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