Nailed It: Fed-up NFL Fan’s Letter Goes Mega Viral as She Says What We’re All Thinking

The tone-deaf NFL has doubled down on its disrespectful behavior during the national anthem and in front of the American flag.

As players refuse to stand for the flag and literally hide in the locker room, patriotic citizens are becoming fed up with the childish displays.

A letter from a football fan is now going viral — and it perfectly summarizes the feelings of many Americans who are tired of watching millionaire professional players become so self-absorbed that they won’t respect American traditions.

The note has been posted on many different online pages and forums, but it’s original author is not currently known.

I see you…
I see you, professional football player, as you kneel down during the playing of the National Anthem…
I see you, with your arm raised in protest…
I see you thinking you are doing something to unite people over social and racial injustice.

I see you…
But, more than that here is what I really see…
I see a man pushing the wheels of his wheelchair as he returns home from a foreign land unable to function as he once did, due to fighting to protect you as you kneel on the ground.
I see a young widow, dressed carefully in black, mourning the remains of her husband, hugging a coffin on the tarmac of an airport. I see that same woman clutching a perfectly folded flag to her bosom as taps is played at his graveside. I see her young son, tears streaming down his face knowing his father would never come home again.

I see graveyards full of tombstones, here and overseas, with names of those fallen, with dates showing a much too early death. I see so many, from so many different wars and conflicts, crosses and stones. They are too numerous to count.
I see the sacrifices made, the hearts broken, the tears shed, the shattered lives all in the name of freedom… all in the name of that red, white and blue piece of cloth that you choose to protest.

Social and racial injustice? You who make millions of American dollars for playing a game in a country where you have more opportunity to make a better life for you and your family than anywhere in the world? Really? The hypocrisy of it astounds me.
First of all, if you really want to protest, give your money and time to make changes. Give to those less fortunate than you. Help those people get an education, buy them food and shelter. Show them opportunities to make better decisions. Teach them that they have a purpose in life.
If you really want to protest injustices…

Protest the treatment of veterans, who have to wait extremely long periods of time for healthcare, who are living under interstate bridges, in boxes, who are committing suicide. Today over twenty of them will take their lives out of hopelessness and despair.
Protest the people whose goal in life is to make sure an unborn baby doesn’t see the light of day. There will be around 3,500 of them today. There is no greater injustice than that.
Protest the loss of religious rights as some atheist complained so much that public prayer by a group of young players on an athletic field is not allowed.

When I see that flag, when I hear that song, when I sing those words, I give homage to those who died for this land, who continue to protect this land, who don’t know if and when they will ever see their loved ones again. Some say that they died for your freedom so that you can take a knee. I say they died for your freedom so you can stand proudly and be thankful that God has blessed you enough that you can live in a country of so much opportunity.

Go ahead…
Go ahead and kneel…
Go ahead and be ungrateful.
I am watching…
As are millions and millions of others.
We don’t see a protest of unity… we see a protest of disgraceful ignorance.
We have already seen football fans turning off their television sets, tearing up season tickets, and canceling sports packages over their disgust with the behavior of players.

Unless players begin respecting the American flag once again, things will only get worse. If the NFL and other sports leagues are not careful, their self-inflicted damage will be permanent.

H/T The Firearms Forum

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Waitress Slapped With Disgusting Note From Black Man, Responds In Shock

Ashleigh Schultz (left), Ntokozo Qwabe (right)

Two men at a restaurant enjoyed excellent service from a pleasant white waitress, who made sure that they were well taken care of the entire time. At the end of it, she thanked them for dining and they parted ways before she saw the sickening message that they left her in place of a tip.

Exhausted from working several jobs, 25-year-old Ashleigh Shultz was finishing up her waitressing shift, before heading home to extremely difficult circumstances. As she cleaned up the table, she noticed that the two black diners made her tip conditional upon one thing that she has no control over, described in a nasty note that she didn’t see coming.

Ntokozo Qwabe, who is a Rhodes scholar at Oxford University, had been out with a friend to eat at Obz Cafe in Western Cape, South Africa, when he decided that this white woman didn’t need a tip because of her skin color and what it meant to him. Despite that he’s enjoying an incredible education, paid for by Rhodes estate, this entitled racist felt that he was due more free stuff as reparations for something he never personally suffered.

Tears ran down her face as she read the note, which said, “We will give tip when you return the land,” in place of any sort of tip, and Qwabe seemed to delight in the stressed out waitress’ heartbreaking response. The disgusting diner and his friend soaked in her tears, as they watched from afar and laughed, before posting about it on social media. What they didn’t realize is why Ashleigh works this job and what the money means to her, which was more important than his arrogant moment.

According to The Metro, in a post that Qwabe made on Facebook about stiffing the waitress, the Rhodes scholar joked about how he and his friend made the woman cry “typical white tears,” leaving him “unable to stop smiling because something so black and wonderful had happened.”

“She sees the note and starts shaking. It is irrelevant whether you personally have land/wealth or you don’t. Go to your fellow white people and mobilize for them to give us the land back,” he further explained in his post, about why leaving her this message was more important than money that she evidently didn’t deserve since she’s a white South African.

Qwabe’s post may have gone over well with his racist crowd, but soon those who know Ashleigh found it and didn’t take it quite the same way. The woman works as a waitress on the side simply to pay for her mother’s cancer treatment, who has no other way of affording the crucial care. Qwabe still didn’t care, since his irrelevant point was more important to him, but thankfully the droves of strangers on the Internet saw things differently.

As word began to leak of this deplorable incident, a campaign emerged on the waitress’ behalf, hoping to give her the tip that Qwabe and company were too entitled to provide. As a result, South Africans showed this classless scholar what they really think of his cause by raising over $5,000 for the waitress in just three days.

It’s grossly hypocritical that a man who has been handed a completely free education, whereas Ashleigh has not, is demanding more payback from her, despite his privilege. Since his name and photo are out there now, thanks to his “protest” against a race, he can never trust a meal served to him at a restaurant again. That’s only fair since a server should be allowed reparations for what he puts working people through.

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911 Operator Admits She Refuses To Take Calls From ‘Certain’ Kinds Of People

A former 911 operator in Houston has admitted hanging up on emergency calls “because she did not want to talk to anyone at that time.”

Supervisors at the Houston Emergency Center discovered that operator Crenshanda Williams, 43, had been involved with thousands of calls lasting 20 seconds or less. The incidents occurred between October 2015 and March 2016, reports KPRC.

Williams has been charged with a misdemeanor for interference with an emergency phone call. If convicted, she could face a year in jail and a $4,000 fine for each count.
A few cases serve to illustrate the charges.

On March 1, 2016, Buster Pendley called 911 when his wife collapsed and was unresponsive. He recounts the call as follows: “The 911 operator answered the phone, and she said, ‘This is Crenshanda, may I help you?’ [I said] ‘Wife’s passed out I need an ambulance.’ She said ‘OK,’ and she hangs up on me.”

In another case, Williams is accused of hanging up on an emergency call from a convenience store where a robbery was in progress. A customer at the store, Hua Li, called 911 to report to report the robbery on March 12. He was purchasing lottery tickets when a gunman entered the store and shot the clerk.

Li fled the store and called 911. “They just said, ‘This is 911. How can I help you?’ I was trying to finish my sentence and we got disconnected,” Li told KPRC.

Police later discovered the operator who answered Li’s call was Williams, and that she ended the call after only a few seconds. Li called back and got a different operator, but the 51-year-old clerk, Zia Arfeen Seddiqui, was dead when police arrived.

The day after the fatal convenience store shooting, Williams received a 911 call from a security guard called to report reckless driving on Interstate 45. On that occasion, Williams hung up the phone before the guard could give his full name, according to police.

When police questioned Williams about these incidents in June, she told them she “often hangs up on calls that have not been connected because she did not want to talk to anyone at that time.”

Williams’ court date is scheduled for the week of Oct. 17.

Sources: Daily Mail, KPRC / Photo credit: KPRC via Daily Mail

Marine’s Rant About White People Is Making Waves Across The Internet [Video]

A former member of the U.S. Marine Corps posted a video to the Internet to speak about white people, and it’s been getting a ton of attention.

Michael Whaley is a 27-year-old black man, and judging by his video, he’s absolutely tired of the way the #BlackLivesMatter people have been acting recently, so he decided to send them a message. Touching on a variety of hot-button issues, Whaley called out the “racist” movement and those within it, while explaining that it’s absurd to hate white people over things that happened centuries ago and pointing out that they have fought and died for blacks all throughout history.

“This Black Lives Matter movement only promotes racism,” Whaley starts in the video, after explaining that Facebook removed the original. “And now they’re encouraging black people to go and kill white people, because they want white people to feel what we felt 400 years ago. Newsflash: Were you living 400 years ago? Nope.”

“So how are you gonna let something from the past, that you never existed in, that you were never born in, affect your life today?” Whaley asked.

“All lives matter,” continued the Marine. He then blamed the hateful rhetoric from the BLM movement, which encourages “killing white people” for the grisly public execution of Deputy Darren Goforth as he pumped fuel at a Texas gas station.

“That police officer’s life mattered. That 9-year-old girl in Ferguson, Missouri, that got shot in the head while she was doing her homework in a drive-by shooting that none of y’all protested — her life mattered,” Whaley added.

Whaley explained that he’s been the target of vitriol from others in the black community, who “slandered” him for his views on the issue and called him such names as an “Uncle Tom,” a “house n**ger,” and more, but it doesn’t appear to faze him at all.

“I had drill instructors in boot camp that had better insults than y’all,” he added. “The reason I don’t have a lot of black supporters — I’m going to tell you the God’s honest truth. The reason why I don’t have a lot of black supporters is because black people can’t accept the truth about themselves. Black people admitting to the truth is like them snitching on themselves, and black people have this no snitching rule.”

“So I’m not gonna have any black supporters,” Whaley said. “Because they can’t openly admit the truth. They’re going to deny it until they die.”

Whaley then explained that it’s ridiculous to blame white people for things that happened hundreds of years ago and that nobody seems to realize that white people fought for Civil Rights. Noting two people who died supporting Martin Luther King Jr., Whaley told people to “do some research” before they spout off with hatred against people who had nothing to do with slavery or anything of the sort.

“This racism has to stop, and y’all wanna blame white people for the stuff that’s going on today?” said Whaley. “No. The reason why a lot of black people are locked up is because black people do dumb crimes.”

Whaley finished his message by calling for unity among the races and likening our society to the military, where “we don’t see color.” He went on, “The only thing we see in the military is family, and that’s what Americans need to be like.”

It’s refreshing to see Whaley come out so strongly against the hatred and racism espoused by the BLM movement, and hopefully, others follow suit after seeing him. And he’s right on – the hatred and division being pushed in our country isn’t helping anyone. In fact, it’s only making things worse and endangering the lives of people who haven’t done anything wrong.

Semper Fi, Marine. These were truly brilliant words, and I pray that they’re able to help people come to their senses.

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This Cowboy Saw A Guy Wearing His Pants On His Knees. What He Does Is Hilarious!

We have all seen those young guys who walk around with their pants down by their knees. I recently saw a Facebook post that featured a sign that said that your pants had to be up to your waist to enter the store – yes! The saggy pants crew is headed your way!

It can’t be comfortable to have to hold up your pants with one hand to walk or run! Most of us fail to understand why or how this is cool (or stylish). This video hits all these issues (and more)! An American cowboy sees a couple of kids with sagging pants and is compelled to rant on video about this trend.

Take a look at this video!

He hits the nail on the head, I couldn’t have said it better myself! While he is on the subject of pants, he has some pointers for older men and young women too! Pull up your pants! Share away, people!

After Encouraging Kneelers, NFL Just Got Hit With Worst News Yet

Football season is a time fans look forward to all year.

Nevertheless, with the NFL seemingly encouraging players — or at the very least giving a pass to players who protest the national anthem, that trend may be diminishing. Many fans have expressed their frustration with the league by turning off their televisions and choosing not to attend games.

Last week was the first week of the league games, and one of the first things people noticed was empty seats in the stadiums.

On Twitter, Sportswriter Ian Rapoport noted that the empty seats did not go unnoticed.

“NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart on the attendance in LA & SF: ‘Any time we empty seats that something we want to address.’ Focused on sellouts,” he tweeted.

Sellouts may be happening less and less as the league becomes mired in politics, and fans get fed up with it.

This is how the stadium looked in Los Angeles during the Rams game:

And this is how the San Francisco 49ers game looked during the second half:

Empty seats in stadiums indicate a serious problem for the NFL. When stadium bleachers have gaping holes where fans should be sitting, it looks especially bad. It indicates that fans do not care enough to pay for a ticket and watch their favorite teams play.

Empty seats also hit the multi-million dollar franchise where it hurts — the pocketbook.

Sports Illustrated reported that in the past year, more players with the NFL have protested the anthem. In the third week of the preseason games, players in at least six games exhibited some form of protest during the anthem.

One of the unintended consequences of NFL players protesting the anthem could be the destruction of their own league, and the league’s encouragement of this kind of behavior does’ help the situation. In fact, it angers patriotic fans who simply want to watch a game and not be bothered by political and anti-American statements.

The NFL is privately owned, and it is certainly free to do as it chooses, but it is not free from the consequences of those choices.

From the looks of these sparse crowds, it is already paying the price.

H/T Red Flag News

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Female Vet Sends Epic Message to Villanueva for Apologizing for Standing During Anthem

While the Pittsburgh Steelers football team remained hidden while the national anthem was played Sunday in Chicago, one lone player — offensive lineman and former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva — ventured out and stood respectfully during the playing of the anthem.

Villanueva’s honorable action on a day of mass disrespect caught the nation’s attention — his jersey rocketed up the top-selling list — and he was heralded as a true American hero … and then he apologized for his actions the following day, according to KDKA.

“Unfortunately, I threw my teammates under the bus, unintentionally,” he stated in a press conference, and proceeded to explain the miscommunications that resulted in him being the lone member of the Steelers in view while the anthem played.

“I’ve made Coach Tomlin look bad, and that is my fault and my fault only,” he added in his apology. “I made my teammates look bad, and that is my fault, and my fault only. And I’ve made the Steelers also look bad, and that is my fault, and my fault only.”

However, while Villanueva may feel remorseful for making the rest of his organization look bad, a veteran and writer for the Independent Journal Review respectfully begged to differ with the former Ranger and Bronze Star recipient, and insisted that the Steelers made both him and themselves look bad without any additional help.

Virginia Kruta understood where Villanueva was coming from with his apology, but wrote, “Alejandro Villanueva did not make his teammates look bad. They made him look bad.”

Kruta explained how Villanueva’s actions exemplified the core Army Values that are ingrained in every soldier in boot camp, those values being: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage — or, in acronym form, as the military is so very fond of, LDRSHIP.

“He displayed loyalty, duty, and respect — to his country, to the men and women with whom he served, and to flag that stands for everything he signed up to fight for,” she wrote. “Selfless service — by standing when he knew that the popular thing, the thing that would likely earn him praise from the rest of his team, was to sit it out.”

“Honor, integrity, and personal courage — in doing what his heart told him was right even if no one else was willing to stand with him,” added Kruta.

Villanueva has been with the Steelers since 2015, and had spoken out previously in opposition to the disrespectful mode of protest during the national anthem, though he in principle agreed with the fundamental underlying reasoning for the protests.

As such, his teammates should have been well aware of his military history and obvious stance in regard to honoring the American flag, the national anthem and the men and women who died defending them.

He should feel no shame or pressure from them or anyone else for standing up and doing the right thing — or, to put it in terms the protesters and their supporters may understand, he was simply expressing his personal beliefs through his right to free speech, as they claim to be doing, even if some find it disagreeable, disrespectful or disruptive to their “unity.”

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Woman Catches Strange Black Man In Yard, Couldn’t Believe What He Did

After hearing some noises outside her home, an Alabama woman looked out her window to find a strange black man in her yard. He walked away before she could say anything, but she later found out that she was one of many people who had been selected over the last couple of months, all of whom had one or two things in common.

Dawn Reynolds couldn’t believe what this guy was doing, and with no media attention on it, she took it upon herself to contact the local news station, WHNT NEWS 19. Investigators with the news outlet recognized the connection Reynold’s had with the 99 other people who this man, later identified as Rodney Smith Jr., had selected, and they knew where to expect him next. With cameras rolling, they confronted Smith at another woman’s home, doing exactly what Reynolds had found him doing at her house several weeks earlier.

Starting in September, Smith set out on a mission to cut 100 lawns by November 25, for free and for a very specific group of people. In an effort to give back to women who either face financial or physical struggle, Smith decided to cut the lawns of 100 Huntsville single moms and elderly women living alone, in a massive undertaking that he did all by himself. However, it didn’t come without some personal challenges.

Smith in the act of 100 lawns

It took this young man a while to complete the service project, not just because he was alone, but because other things were in his way, which he had to juggle — specifically, his full load of classes at Alabama A&M University. In every ounce of free time Smith could find when he wasn’t in class, he was mowing lawns, all before the winter hit. Each day, after school let out for him at about 3 p.m., he’d fire up the lawn mower and get to work. With no weekend courses, he spent all Saturday and Sunday cutting grass in a diligent effort that paid off in the end.

Smith not only completed his goal of all 100 lawns before Thanksgiving, his work wasn’t done in vain. Reynolds represents the majority of the recipients of Smith’s good deed, who expressed deep appreciation for this unexpected gift. “I am just really impressed at what he’s doing,” Reynolds told the news station. “He’s a young man doing wonderful things, and I think that’s missing in the world today.”

Rodney Smith Jr.

When WHNT caught wind of what he was doing and found him in the act, he was on lawn number 81. Reporters surprised him with a wad of cash, totaling $319, which he didn’t think was real or deserved. “Is this April Fool’s?” Smith asked the reporter, before finding out he was the recipient of the financial reward from the station, after having been nominated by Reynolds for “Paying it Forward.”

Now that project for others is done, he’s focusing his efforts on something else. Smith wants to spread the love while encouraging other young men and women to do good things for others, rather than only thinking of themselves. He started Raising Men Lawn Care Service to get an army of young good Samaritans together and ready to cut needy people’s grass, starting this spring.

Smith is showing that it’s cool to be caring and his effort to perpetually give back in ever-increasing ways is contagious. This is exactly what our communities need to counter the entitlement issue that plagues society.

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Thugs Beat Elderly Man In Front Of His Wife, Didn’t Expect Painful Instant Justice

Although it’s called the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia can prove to be anything but. In fact, a pair of thugs decided to pick a fight with an elderly man in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, thinking they had found an easy target. As the two began to beat him while his wife helplessly watched in horror, it’s safe to say they weren’t expecting the instant justice that put a quick end to their attack.

It was just after 8:30 p.m. on a Tuesday evening in March 2017 when a 65-year-old man was approached by two young hooligans, ages 21 and 20, while he was walking leisurely with his wife in the Queens Village area of the city. A verbal argument ensued for reasons unknown at this time, which quickly escalated into a physical attack.

The scene of the incident (Photo Credit: 6abc)

As his wife watched helplessly, the two thugs began mercilessly beating her elderly husband, but he would soon bring the attack to an abrupt end, much to the surprise of his merciless attackers, who were about to get an unanticipated and painful dose of instant justice.

According to Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small, the pair of punks were “punching” the man, causing “bruising to his face,” but their attack didn’t last long. The victim was prepared to defend himself, having obtained his concealed carry license and exercising his Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small (Photo Credit: 6abc)

After pulling out his legal .45 caliber pistol, the elderly man shot the two assailants, hitting the 21-year-old in the neck and striking the 20-year-old in the stomach. The two suspects were taken to the hospital, where one was said to be in stable condition while the other was listed in serious condition.

The 65-year-old man was taken to the hospital for treatment, but the husband did his job in defending his wife, as she was not hurt.

At this time, it is unknown whether any charges will result from the shooting. As The Blaze reports, “Police told WCAU the district attorney’s office will determine whether or not the shooting in the Queen Village section of the city was in self-defense.”

We can only hope and pray that the elderly man is not charged for what’s clearly the appropriate use of his Second Amendment rights. These two punks thought they had an easy target and that the odds were in their favor. The firearm leveled the playing field, allowing this man and his wife to be protected from harm and proving why a firearm is often called the great equalizer.

Meanwhile, it’s quite likely that the two assailants were taught an unforgettable lesson about their behavior that they won’t soon forget, and if they do, they will have the scares from their gunshot wounds to serve as a reminder of what can happen should they continue to live the thug life.

Thanks to this law-abiding citizen utilizing the rights laid out for us in our Constitution, everything seems to have turned out just as it should. Hopefully, the DA’s office sees it that way as well.

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After Saints Sit During Anthem, Louisiana Lawmaker Takes The One Thing They Love Most

The New Orleans Saints were among the NFL teams who waged protests this weekend, opting to sit instead of stand to honor our flag and country during the playing of the National Anthem before their game on Sunday. Then, on Monday, a Louisiana lawmaker decided he would put the entitled football players in their places by taking from them the one thing they love most in the world.

Louisiana Rep. Kenny Havard (left), Hau’oli Kikaha #44 of the New Orleans Saints sacks Cam Newton #1 of the Carolina Panthers during their game at Bank of America Stadium on September 24, 2017, in Charlotte, North Carolina (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube, Grant Halverson/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images)
Football took a backseat to misguided protests this weekend as NFL teams demonstrated their opposition to comments made by President Donald Trump last Friday to supporters in Alabama. Trump did not mince words when it came to professional athletes who kneel during the National Anthem, saying, “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now.’ Out. He’s fired. He’s fired!”

The New Orleans Saints were among the teams which protested Trump’s remarks on Sunday ahead of their game against the Panthers. “I would say, personally, I am disappointed in the comments that were made,” said Saints coach Sean Payton. “I think we need a little bit more wisdom in that office. That’s being a little blunt, but that’s how I feel. I want that guy to be one of the smarter guys in the room, and it seems like every time he’s opening his mouth, it’s something that is dividing our country and not pulling us together,” he added.

According to The Advocate, the Saints and Pelicans organizations released a statement roughly half an hour before the start of Sunday’s game, saying that Trump’s comments were “disappointing and inappropriate.” Then, tackle Terron Armstead remained in the locker room while the National Anthem was being played as a form of protest. Meanwhile, 14 of his teammates protested on the field.

Rafael Bush, Kenny Vaccaro, Chris Banjo, Sheldon Rankins, Alex Okafor, Cameron Jordan, Adrian Peterson, Alvin Kamara, Brandon Coleman, and Mark Ingram all sat on the bench during The Star-Spangled Banner. Thomas Morstead, Marshon Lattimore, Craig Robinson, and Coby Fleener stood nearby with their hands on their teammates’ shoulders. “I am proud of every one of them,” coach Payton said.

Come Monday morning, Louisiana State Rep. Kenny Havard (R-St. Francisville) announced that he wants to cut millions of state tax dollars, exemptions, and credits allocated to the Saints, the NFL, and any of those groups’ associated facilities that receive funding. “The very reason (the Saints) have the privilege and opportunity to play professional football while being paid millions is because someone in uniform died protecting their right to do so,” Havard said. “It is a disgrace to the men and women of this nation and state who have sacrificed so much,” he continued.

“Disrespecting our national anthem and flag in the name of social injustice is the highest form of hypocrisy,” added Havard. “Our free society made possible by our fighting men and women has made available free education, free lunch, housing, and free healthcare and is now being considered socially unjust,” he said. “It is time the taxpayers quit subsidizing protest on big boy playgrounds. I believe in the right to protest but, not at a taxpayer-subsidized sporting event. Do it on your own time. There are plenty of disabled children, elderly and veterans in this state that would appreciate the money.”

According to a 2015 Forbes report, Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson was “set to rake in an estimated $392 million from state subsidies through 2025.” The report said that during the Mercedes-Benz Superdome lease “the state will pay Benson at least $198 million in increased revenue from the Superdome, $142 million in rental payments on property Benson owns, $10 million in bonuses for bringing the Super Bowl to New Orleans and $2.6 million in tax breaks. Benson will get another $40 million from private rent payments to a tower he bought as part of the deal.”

Rep. Havard is exactly right. The Saints and their billionaire owner are perhaps the least deserving people of the millions of tax dollars being thrown at them each year. That money could be better put towards programs for veterans, the people who risked their lives so those self-entitled athletes could sit on their behinds instead of honoring the country which has afforded them such opportunity. If these football players want to protest, fine. However, they absolutely should not be paid to do so.

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