Mom Going To Jail After Seeing What Sons Were Doing At Neighbor’s House

Schaquana Evita Spears (left), Spears’ neighbor’s house (right)

A Baton Rouge, Louisiana mother was at work when she got a call from the neighbor, letting her know what her sons were up to while she wasn’t there. As soon as she hung up, she decided to drop in for an unexpected visit on the boys and walked into a scene she wasn’t expecting, which all ended with her behind bars.

Summertime is hard for 30-year-old Schaquana Evita Spears, who has to raise three sons – ages 10, 12, and 13 – on her own while managing a job to pay for their family’s needs and not having daycare for them. Having entrusted the younger two to the oldest boy to hold down the fort while she was at work, she didn’t think anything could go wrong until her upset neighbor called. In that second, hearing what the thug trio did while she was away, Spears instantly made someone pay for it.

According to WBRZ, Spears’ neighbor told her that the three boys burglarized her home, allegedly making off with several of the neighbor’s personal items. This was all the mother needed to hear to go into a rage over what her hoodlum sons were doing while she was working hard to provide for them. She immediately ran home, and when she walked in the front door, she was shocked at what she saw.

Since the neighbor had listed out exactly what was missing, the mother was enraged when she found each of those items on the floor of her own home, with the boys pilfering out who was taking what when their mom showed up. Seeing the rage in her eyes and having the evidence in front of them, the thugs-in-training tried to make a quick getaway from their mom. They didn’t make it too far when she grabbed them from escaping through a window and brought justice with her.

Spears reportedly began beating the boys with a belt as punishment for stealing from the neighbor and disrespecting that person and herself in the process. The boys reportedly suffered cuts to their back from the whipping, with the 13-year-old receiving the worst of the beating, likely because he was the leader in the theft.

The kids called the police to report the abuse, and when officers interviewed them, they cried the blues about being whipped, regardless of the reason for it. Flipping the script on their mother seemed to work since she was arrested and booked into the parish prison on two counts of cruelty to juveniles while her thug sons otherwise got away with robbing the neighbor. Spears sticks by her punishment, saying, “I thought I was showing them this is not what you do. You do not steal people’s stuff, what they work hard for.”

Although most people would say that “spanking” which leaves a lasting mark or injury is taking a punishment too far, putting the mother in jail for it after her sons committed a crime just taught the kids a bad lesson. They now feel they can get away with what they do, making excuses and passing blame on anyone and anything other than themselves. This, along with a lack of discipline in homes, is the reason there are so many thugs plaguing society and taking advantage of innocent people today. The kids should have been booked into jail for their own crimes.

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